• How are you different from other agencies?

    The difference lies in the personal attention we give to each an every one of our members. Selection of Latin Women to meet is made following an interview with our Matchmaker who has in business since 2000 with successful matchmaking experiences. We do not sell individual addresses or individual emails. We are an Introduction Agency specializing in Personal Introductions to Costa Rican Girls, Colombian Women and Latin Singles. Our many successful marriages and happy couples are living proof that the only way to bring people together is through a more personal approach. Latin Dating Service Costa Rica enjoys an excellent reputation as a legitimate introduction agency with high standards and the best in quality service. Visit our Testimonials Page for additional information.

  • What is the difference between your agency and the other companies I have seen that have big parties with hundreds of girls?

    There are many differences. To begin with, we have interviewed and personally know every lady in our agency. Most have been brought to us by other happy and satisfied lady members of our agency. Not only do we know the ladies but we know their families. Agencies who run ads advertising huge parties with free food, free drinks and lots of rich gringos to meet, cannot possibly know the ladies who show up for the large social event.

  • Why don’t you sell individual addresses?

    There are agencies in Costa Rica that will sell you phone numbers and addresses but we know that this type of process does not work. We specialize in introductions and matchmaking. Most of the men who have joined our agency have tried other agencies which sell addresses and have come to us after wasting and time and being disappointed pursuing that method. OUR METHOD WORKS.

  • With so many scams on the internet, how do I know that you are legitimate?

    There are many agencies that are not honest and run by unprofessional individuals interested only in getting your money. But, there are many companies that are legitimate and are run by caring individuals. You will find us at the top of that list. Latin Dating Service Costa Rica has been in business for ELEVEN years. We enjoy an excellent reputation with our clients as well as with the ladies in our portfolio. You can have email addresses of some of our members so that you may contact them about our service. We are very real, caring people working to help you find your ideal Costa Rican Bride.

  • I am interested in only one Latin Lady; can I pay less for a membership?

    In the ELEVEN years that we have been making introductions to lovely Costa Rica Women and Colombian Girls, we have had only two gentlemen who have actually met and married the ONE Latin Lady they joined to meet. Pictures and Biographical Information do not tell the entire story. We do offer different plans which vary in price. Visit our Membership Section for the plan that will be perfect for you.

  • Is it possible to email first and build a relationship with a lady before coming to meet her?

    Yes, it is possible. But, in our experience, it only works when you have intentions to visit Costa Rica in the near future and you express that to the ladies you are interested in meeting. Bios and pictures do not tell the whole story. You have to meet the woman in person to find out if there is chemistry, attraction and a basis for a relationship.

  • I have written several ladies. Why have I not received a response?

    Most Costa Rican Women do not have access to a computer. And, many times they are on very tight schedules and do not leave work in time to stop at an internet café. Plus in our experience the number one reason the women don’t answer emails is that most gentlemen have not expressed a desire to come to Costa Rica in the near future to meet them. THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON WOMEN DO NOT CONTINUE TO EMAIL MEN. IF YOU DO NOT COME TO COSTA RICA THEY WILL NOT CONTINUE EMAILING. They want men they can meet; not penpals.

  • Do age, looks and money matter to these girls?

    To the majority of Latin Women, these matters are not as important as in some countries like the United States. In Latin Culture older men are associated with maturity, stability and these qualities are far more attractive to Latin Girls. Many of our ladies specify that they want to meet an older man. It is not uncommon to see a 15 to 20 year difference. Keep in mind that you bring your stability; your financial superiority; your emotional stability and your maturity to the table. They bring their youth, vibrance and femininity to the table. When it works between two people it is wonderful! We see it over and over again.!!!!

  • Is it very difficult to obtain a Fiancée Visa?

    There is paperwork necessary to bring your new fiancée to the U.S. but they are not very difficult. Working with US Immigration is time consuming and highly detail oriented. We offer services to handle the paperwork for your fiancée and to guide you and her every step of the way. Believe us and our married couples, it is worth the effort.

  • Why should I consider traveling to Costa Rica?

    There are many reasons to come to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is only 3 hours away from Florida and only a few hours more from New Mexico and Texas. It is relatively inexpensive to travel here and much easier than traveling to Asia or Russia. And, more importantly, it is much safer than traveling to Colombia.

    Costa Rica is a small beautiful country with exotic beaches, erupting volcanoes, breathtaking views which you can enjoy knowing that you are in a country which boasts that it has NO ARMY. This is a peaceful country filled with natural wonders and beautiful women.

  • Where can I find additional information?

    Be sure to check the many links on our Home Page. Simply email us! Ask us your questions and we will try our best to answer them for you.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Call us 506-2228-7389 or 506-2289-5271 or email us at info@latindatingservice.com


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