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Why choose “Latina Dating Service”

If you are looking for that dream partner but getting nowhere, we wish you a warm and sincere welcome. We are not a casual online dating service. We facilitate personal introductions between individuals whose goal is to find love and happiness. We offer our introductions at our San Jose/Escazu office where our professional staff who is constantly interviewing ladies eager to meet you.

I am a North American businessman. I have chosen Costa Rica as my home country and Costa Rican women as my women of choice. Latin Dating Service is based on my collective experiences traveling to the other agencies in Asia, Russia and Latin America. I feel that I have taken the best of what the other agencies have to offer and added commitment to service to make what I believe to be, the premier introduction agency in Central America and Costa Rica.

Several agencies have opened and closed in Costa Rica and left a list of clients “High and Dry”…a lot wiser but, poorer. We have often picked up the pieces for these individuals and turned a bad experience into a positive one. Our advice is to beware of agencies who sell names and addresses of ladies. At face value, this may seem like the cheap way to go. Even if you speak and write fluent Spanish and, the picture, address and phone numbers you receive of the ladies are current, without assistance and back up, this is an almost impossible situation which leads to total frustration and disillusionment.

Our office is located in Escazu, a Western suburb of San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. Escazu is home to many North Americans and Europeans.

This small country is orderly, prosperous, relatively crime free and the world leader in ecological preservation. Costa Rican Girls, or Ticas, as they refer to themselves, are not desperate to leave their country, like Russian, Asian or Colombian women. Most are well educated, have jobs and live with their families. They not only resent the domineering chauvinistic attitude of most Latin men but are also tired of their constant unfaithfulness to their spouses as well. Ticas believe that most men of other cultures and countries are faithful and respectful.


Latin Dating Service is a matchmaking service, introducing gentlemen from all over the world to the wonderful ladies of Costa Rica. Our customers enjoy travel and like the idea of combining a vacation with meeting beautiful women and hopefully, Ms. Right.

The Costa Rican Women we represent range in age from 18 to 65. They are intelligent, poised and while they are happy with their careers and lives, most are displeased with the macho culture of their country and consider foreigners to be “gentlemen”. These lovely ladies are sweet, sincere, unspoiled, devoted and looking for a man with whom to share their lives. Our commitment is to introduce you to these beautiful ladies so you can select those that interest you and build a relationship. THIS IS NOT AN ESCORT SERVICE.


We feel that Latin Dating Service stands apart from other introduction agencies. The major difference between Latin Dating Service and the other agencies is the exclusive personalized service we offer our clients. Several agencies have requested that we sell them our database for ladies. When addresses are sold to other agencies, every man in the world with access to a computer may contact the women. However, by not selling our ladies’ addresses to other agencies, we protect their privacy while making their availability exclusive to our members.

After becoming a member, you may select your ladies of choice and e-mail them through our office. We, then, invite them to come to our offices to receive their mail. If they are interested, we encourage them to write you immediately. They are free, at that time, to give you their address, phone numbers and any other way to contact them.



Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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