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Our Personal Matchmaker Service brings you to us and this site. We are only interviewing Latin Women in the San Jose area who are looking for long-term relationships and ultimately, husbands. Our commitment to you and to the Costa Rican Women and Colombian Girls and Latin Women in our agency is to help you every step of the way. From the search… to the romance when are there to help you with communication, travel and even obtaining a K-1 visa so that she might become your Latin Bride.

We are not some address selling machine, who’ve never met their clients, who know nothing about their women or you. We will learn about you and you will learn about us and together we will find your future Costa Rican Wife. We will work to find you a really good match, a lady who is right for you. This is not a job for a computer. It is a job for a person who cares, a person who can look into your heart and understand what is right for you.

Men often look at pictures on websites and forget that these are just pictures. Most men have come here with one or two specific women in mind but have ended up with a totally different Latin Lady who is much better for them. Only you can fall in love, but we can help you meet the right Costa Rican Woman with whom to fall in love with.

We limit the number of women to around 400 at any one time in order to give you the most personalized service. We are constantly replacing the Latin Women that we have on file whenever they become involved in a committed relationship. Our agency began in January 2001 and of the original 150 women, we have placed over 1/3 in committed relationships. Only by staying small and knowing our clients, both men and women, can we offer the type of service that you deserve.

We are reasonable and honest about what we charge for our services. The Costa Rican Women don’t pay for anything. So we try to make a small profit on everything that we charge to you. I want to make it clear, we are in business to make money for the hard work and long hours that we put in, to recruit quality Costa Rican Women, Colombian Girls and Latin Ladies and to make your San Jose trip one of the great experiences of your life.

There are many choices you’ll make along the way that will affect your total costs, but here is a reasonable estimate of what you might spend over the process from joining Spanish Eyes to having your Latin Lady in the USA on a K-1 Visa.

Latina Dating Service

Latina Dating Service Fees:

Gold Memberships $695.00
Platinum Memberships $995
3 day Intruductory Romance Services $300
5 day Intruductory Romance Services $500
Correspondence Service for a year $450
Flower Delivery $50.00 for members $150 non-members
Email and Letter Translation $ 10.00 per page (10 pages minimum)
Fiancée Visa for US $ 1,000
Costa Rica Residency $ 1,500

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Latina Dating Service offers you the best experience to find a girl of your dreams with whom to share the rest of your life. Our commitment to you is to help you every step of the way from the search... to the romance...
Lawrence Goodlive, PhD, Psychologist

I had only very good experiences with Spanish Eyes. It's an absolutely legitimate, well-run service. Tom and Gaby obviously enjoy what they are doing and have some talent for match-making, t...

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Jonathan L.
Thank you for all you have done for me in introducing me to someone so special from the service. I know I can always count on you . YOU ARE INVALUABLE!...
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Jaymie S
You have been nothing but professionalism ... I agree smaller is better. I could have never had this conversation with any other company. Thank you. I will be in touch soon, Jaymie ...
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