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The Ultimate Costa Rican Singles Party

We refer to our Monthly SATURDAY AFTERNOON HOLIDAY FIESTA as the Ultimate Costa Rican Singles Party. Schedule your trip to be in San Jose during our Holiday Saturday Parties and picture yourself surrounded by lovely Costa Rican Women, Colombian Girls and Latin Girls who live in Costa Rica in a dignified, friendly social environment at our office from 4 PM to 7 PM. We invite selected Costa Rican Women from our portfolio of Latin Singles to attend our famous Saturday Afternoon Holiday Fiestas. These Latin Women are encouraged to bring a friend who is not currently a Latin Dating Service member. Latin Dating Service representatives will be there to assist you in meeting the Latin Girls and translation. After we close the function at 7 PM, we encourage you to invite the Costa Rican Women, Colombian Girls and Latinas of your choice to join you for an evening of dancing, sightseeing or casino action. You often see a large group of men and women leave for a local club for dancing and more fun! The fee for OUR MEMBERS, is 20,000 colones or about $40.00. Should you require a translator to accompany you, this can be arranged for a nominal fee.

You choose your length of stay in Costa Rica, the average client stays 7 to 10 days. The ideal schedule is to arrive on Friday, visit our offices which are just a few blocks from our affiliate hotel, the Pine Tree. At our office you will be able to view the Costa Rican Women, Colombian Girls and Latin Girls on our computers and in our photo albums. You will write down the Costa Rican Women who you are interested in meeting and our staff will make appointments for these Latinas to meet you individually if she can attend our FIESTA for that Saturday.

Our office is open Monday through Saturday, so you may fly down at any time you wish. Book your stay through us at our recommended hotel. For a fee, the hotel will send a taxi to pick you up.

Latin Dating Service is the premier agency conducting Introduction Tours to Costa Rica. Our experience, reputation, and stability has been proven in 10 years of service. We offer a selection of beautiful ladies and our service is unbeatable. Let us help you plan your vacation holiday in Costa Rica and help you to find the Costa Rican Woman of your dreams.


February 13th 4 pm to 7 pm VALENTINES DAY
May 28th 4 pm to 7 pm MEMORIAL DAY
July 2th 4 pm to 7 pm 4TH of JULY
November 29th 4 pm to 7 pm THANKSGIVING DAY
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